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Mindfulness for Stress Management 

Please join us.

Our next group begins: 

March 7th, 2023 from 4:00pm-6:00pm

What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is about being awake and alive in the present  moment. With mindfulness we learn to release troubling  thoughts of the past and worry thoughts about the future.  We recognize how thoughts and emotions affect the body.  We recognize harmful recurring thoughts and gradually see  them become less prevalent in our thinking.  

We gain tools to move toward difficulties rather than run  away from them. This is not something we can learn from  books and lectures, but rather from experience, using meditation and yoga practice, to reduce stress and improve quality of life. 


Program Structure 

• Group leader: Angel Foster, MSW, LMSW

• Eight weekly group sessions 

• One individual session

• One weekend day session 

To register for this group call us at 989-832-2165


Email us at 

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