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Healing Chronic Pain & Symptoms

Please join us.

Our next group begins: 

August 13, 2024
Virtual Group 4:30-6:00 p.m.

Deadline to sign up: July 30, 2024

Group Information:

Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy (EAET) is a form of psychological therapy that targets the trauma, stress, and relationship problems that are common for people who experience chronic pain and other chronic symptoms. Centralized pain conditions are strongly influenced by the functions of the central nervous system, especially one’s thoughts, feelings, and relationships.

Such conditions include most cases of fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome,
pelvic pain, temporomandibular pain, head pain, and many cases of back or other
localized pain. Research shows that how an individual handles stress can trigger, worsen, or maintain their pain and symptoms.

The experience of chronic pain and many other chronic symptoms are most often the result of learned neural pathways in the brain and recovery is possible. This group will deconstruct the connection between stress, emotions, and chronic symptoms.


Program Structure 

• Group leader: Angel Foster, LMSW

• Eight weekly group sessions 

• One individual session

Please register by calling us at  989-832-2165 

or email 

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